BlogAlex Yudelson Campaign Releases Health & Safety Protocol, Encourages Media to Host Additional Televised Debates

March 11, 20200

Alex Yudelson’s Campaign for State Assembly announced today a new Health & Safety Protocol for all organizers and volunteers. The new protocol is intended to mitigate the risk of spreading infectious diseases like COVID-19 while still ensuring that voters get the opportunity to hear Alex’s message of building a stronger future for our community by fighting for our fair share from Albany.

“We want voters to know that if a Yudelson volunteer comes to the door, they’ve gone through the proper health and hygiene protocol to mitigate the risk of spreading infectious diseases during campaign season. We want every voter to hear our message of fighting for Rochester’s fair share, and the health and safety of our volunteers and voters is a top priority,” said Yudelson.

The Yudelson campaign’s new protocol is as follows: (1) Volunteers are required to wash hands before and after door-to-door shifts; (2) Pens and clipboards are to be wiped down after every shift; (3) Volunteers are to refrain from shaking hands with voters; (4) Volunteers are to be provided wipes and hand sanitizer as available; (5) The campaign office is to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day.

In addition to these standards, Yudelson campaign volunteers are asked to stay home and cancel their shifts if they have any concern they may be sick. Volunteers are told to be especially conscious of these rules when interacting with vulnerable communities, like our seniors.

Yudelson also called upon local media to offer to host more debates and opportunities to hear from candidates, given that public forums and town hall meetings might not be feasible closer to Election Day.

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