Growing up and attending school in Rush-Henrietta, Alex had access to a high-quality education in a diverse setting that prepared him for success and provided him the opportunity to give back to his community. But just a few miles down the road in the Rochester City School District, kids have been and continue to be denied that same fundamental right because adults’ interests are placed ahead of kids.

There is no more important service that government can provide than ensuring all of our children are prepared to grow and succeed, but right now, kids do not leave the RCSD ready for college or a career. We are failing this generation, and we will fail the next one too if we don’t demand bold, transformational changes to overcome the broken systems. The time has come to stand up for what is right and fight for our kids instead of the special interests that are holding them back. The time has come to empower our parents, students, and teachers to fix the broken system.

Our failure to provide a quality public education system for our kids is not just a moral issue – it is also a major barrier to our region’s economic growth. Without a skilled and educated workforce, we will continue to lose out to other regions. Companies will choose to locate elsewhere. We’ll struggle to retain young people who contribute to our community’s vibrancy. We will never unlock our full potential. 

The educational challenges we face aren’t limited to RCSD. Alex has heard the same story from too many of his fellow Rush-Henrietta graduates; they tried to make college work but had to defer a semester because the financial burdens were too difficult to meet. Now they don’t know if it will ever be the right time to try to go back and finish. Others managed to attain their bachelor’s degree, but they face insurmountable student loan debt and an economy that doesn’t pay college graduates like it used to. 

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