Rochester has been denied its fair share for far too long. Albany politicians have chosen to make massive investments in New York City and Buffalo, whether it’s through tax cuts for developers in the richest city in the world or the massive Buffalo Billion program just down the Thruway. Meanwhile, the Rochester region has been left begging for the scraps of what’s left in the State budget. It is time for our representatives to fight for our community and make sure that we have the opportunity to build a strong and prosperous local economy

Alex has the experience and passion to get things done. Due to his leadership at the City of Rochester, Governor Cuomo committed to investing an initial $50 million to jumpstart ROC the Riverway, and we are already seeing the impact along the Genesee River. Some said that it couldn’t be done, that you could never get Albany to invest that type of capital in our community. But Alex convened planners, urban designers, and community stakeholders from across sectors and dared them to propose the most transformational projects imaginable along our riverway. He told them that the only way they could fail was if they were afraid of thinking too big. The plans they returned with impressed even the biggest skeptics.

Through his work overseeing the Mayor’s Office of Community Wealth Building and Office of Innovation, Alex has gained first-hand experience interacting with systems of broken bureaucracy, institutional racism, and gender inequity that are holding our most vulnerable citizens back. He has heard directly from people living in poverty who say that what they need isn’t just another program or initiative, but a good-paying job, affordable housing, childcare, and safe and reliable transportation. Alex is committed to delivering on those tangible needs. 

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